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Business Climate

As New Jersey's third largest city, Paterson, New Jersey has an immense population of 146,199 residents and draws in new individuals and families constantly. Therefore, Paterson's growing population, directly coincides with the continuous increase of local businesses in the area, bringing in potential customers from all over. Ranging from trendy cafes to local locksmiths, Paterson explodes with a wide variety of businesses, contributing to the area's overall ambiance as a smaller New Jersey city. To continue, Paterson has several business organizations that help connect local businesses to one another. The Greater Paterson Chamber of Commerce has been unifying local entrepreneurs and businesses for 109 years, encouraging them to network, brainstorm, and collaborate with one another. In order to create an ideal networking environment, the GPCC hosts annual Galas, weekly luncheons, and several golf outings. Additionally, the GPCC invites successful entrepreneurs and business owners to speak to the Chamber, hoping to inspire local businesses such as lawyers, Di Giovanni And Ephraim with their success stories. All in all, the Greater Paterson Chamber of Commerce enhances the city's business district by encouraging local businesses to network with one another.


Furthermore, Paterson is full of several unique neighborhoods. Evidently, Downtown Paterson is the central commercial district in the city. Although Downtown is not a very residential area, its shops and local businesses attract many residents and visitors, serving as a main contributor to the city's overall business district. Paterson's neighborhood People's Park is an up and coming section that has numerous restaurants and stores, adding to the city's commercial district as well. On the other hand, neighborhoods like Hillcrest and Lakeview are very residential, attracting the majority of families that reside in Paterson. Paterson's Manor Section is known for its breathtaking mansions while the Totowa Section has a reputation for its quaint and quiet neighborhood communities. In general, Paterson has a wide variety of neighborhoods, which contributes to its overall uniqueness as a New Jersey city.

Points of Interest

In addition to Paterson's booming business district and array of neighborhoods, the city has several unique points of interest. To start, the Great Falls of the Passaic River are located in Paterson, drawing in tourists from all over with their distinct beauty and fascinating history. The waterfall is surrounded by the Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park and adds natural beauty to the city's urban feel. Moreover, the Lambert Castle, which is located within the Garret Mountain Reservation, emphasizes Paterson's historic value as a whole. These points of interest make Paterson more than just a New Jersey city, but a charming and historic community.

The Future of Paterson, NJ

Due to Paterson's constantly growing business district, various neighborhoods, and unique points of interest, the city attracts residents from all over. With New York City just an hour train ride away, Paterson is a prime location for residents who are commuters. The city's close proximity to NYC also allows local businesses to network easily with larger companies in the Big Apple, which directly impacts Paterson's business district. Lastly, Paterson's quaint neighborhoods and public school system also attract young families to the area. To conclude, Paterson has a very bright future and will continue to prosper with its expanding population, thriving business district, charming neighborhoods, and fascinating points of interest.