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Workplace Injury Settlement

While on the job, a construction worker was injured by a falling piece of building facade that struck his head. He suffered a concussion that resulted in weeks of severely restricted activities, months of debilitating headaches, and continuous discomfort to this day. Di Giovanni and Ephraim secured an award for his medical bills, prolonged suffering, and restricted activity.
Di Giovanni and Ephraim
Workers Compensation Lawyer

Been Injured at the Workplace?

Injuries in the workplace can occur at any job, anywhere. Elizabeth's versatile business structure encompasses a wide breadth of work environments. Elizabeth's workplaces range from offices, manufacturing plants and malls to cargo terminals and recycling centers. Whether you're behind a machine or out in the field, you're susceptible to injury. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 109.4 cases of non-fatal workplace injuries per 10,000 workers. These injuries can result in both physical and emotional suffering and often impact future interactions in that workplace.

We Can Help

With years of case experience, we've helped countless workers in the Elizabeth area secure workers compensation settlements. Workplace injuries range in gravity and implication. Incidents eligible for workers comp are one-time accidents, long-term injuries, illnesses/diseases brought on by harmful exposures, and stress-induced illnesses. Workers compensation settlements also can include the agitation or worsening of pre-existing health issues. From broken bones and spinal injuries to concussions and emotional trauma, no case is too big or too small for our workers comp lawyers. Whether you're out of commission for a few days, a few weeks, or a few months, you deserve to be compensated accordingly.

Injuries qualifying for workers comp can be results of failed inspection, managerial negligence, or general disregard for safety. They may involve falling objects, loose structures, faulty walkways, broken machinery and leaks or spills. These injuries are most common among construction workers, assembly line workers, and those involved in transit related fields, such as truck and trailer driving.

Workplace Injury Settlement

An Elizabeth woman was injured by a faulty machine located along the assembly line in an Elizabeth manufacturing plant. As a result, she suffered two broken fingers and a sprained wrist. Although she did not require surgery, she was forced to take time off from work and alter her daily routines. Di Giovanni and Ephraim secured an award for her medical bills, lost wages, and subsequent lifestyle alterations.
Di Giovanni and Ephraim
Workers Comp Attorney

Get The Workers Comp Settlement You Deserve

It is imperative to document injuries in the workplace as soon as they occur. After you report your injury to your employer, we can help you file a workers compensation claim and we will apply our knowledge and expertise to secure your workers compensation settlement. We've successfully secured settlements for injuries ranging from temporary to life-altering. Below are just several workers compensation we have settled:

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