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Slip and Fall Injury Settlement


A woman and her husband were exiting the premise of a bed and breakfast when she slipped in an poorly light pathway. She was brought to the hospital and treated for a broken leg. What began as a weekend get-a-way ended up costing the couple tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills, rehabilitation, and lost wages from days off. As part of the Di Giovanni and Ephraim negotiated settlement, the woman was compensated for all of her expenses, pain and suffering, as well as lost income.
Di Giovanni and Ephraim
Slip and Fall Attorney

Spilled products, broken steps, loose handrails, and potholes pose a risk for slip and fall accidents every day, everywhere. Elizabeth is home to an extensive array of businesses and workplaces. Some of the largest employers include IKEA, Jersey Gardens, and public works. With tens of thousands of people entering the workplace every day, work-related accidents in Elizabeth are unavoidable. Not to mention, New Jersey's cold and icy winters make businesses in the Elizabeth area prone to the dangers of icy driveways and walkways. Unfortunately, not many businesses and workplaces take measures to make their properties safe walking grounds. It takes just a second to slip and fall but up to a lifetime to recover. Each day, hundreds of people fall victim to the negligence and irresponsibility of others. Slip and fall accidents can range from minor to life-altering.

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As slip and fall lawyers, we want to help you move forward with the tools you need to do so. We have settled slip and fall lawsuits with hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements. Slip and fall injuries affect more than just your health and we want your settlement to reflect that. Those impacted by work-related injuries may suffer from mental anguish, lost wages, lost time and, permanently altered lifestyles as well.

No Case Too Big or Small

The Personal Injury Lawyers Di Giovanni and Ephraim believe when someone is a victim of neglect, no case is too big or too small. As your slip and fall lawyer, we'll help you reach a settlement that covers more than just medical bills. Your settlement should include compensation for lost time and wages, as well as subsequent inconveniences and complications. It should also reflect all lifestyle alterations and permanent damage that may ensure. Whether you spent one night in the hospital or months in physical rehabilitation, we'll help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Supermarket Slip and Fall Injury Settlement


A woman shopping in an Elizabeth supermarket slipped on juice that had spilled, coating the aisle floor. She sustained a debilitating back injury due to the impact of the fall. After spending two days in the hospital, she returned home where she was placed on bed rest for nearly a month. A year later, her walking, sitting, and driving patterns have been drastically modified. Di Giovanni and Ephraim secured a $75,000 award to compensate for both her medical costs and her permanently altered lifestyle.
Di Giovanni and Ephraim
Slip and Fall Lawyer

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A slip and fall accident can result from a wide range of careless actions or negligent disregard by the property owner. From wet floors and faulty walkways to poor lighting and mismarked signs, we pride ourselves on our high success rate. Below are just several slip and fall cases we have settled:

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