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Elizabeth Law Services

We Listen. We Can Help.

At Di Giovanni and Ephraim, we evaluate each case on an individual basis- no matter how big or small. As an Elizabeth lawyer, our knowledge and expertise goes well beyond personal injury and immigration law. In fact, at Di Giovanni and Ephraim, we have a long history of success in providing legal services including traffic, DWI / DUI, real estate, bankruptcy, family, and municipal work.

Speeding Ticket, Second Time Offense

Ticket Revoked

After being pulled over for his second speeding ticket of the year, an Elizabeth man faced exorbitant fines and a possible driver's license suspension. The Traffic Lawyers at Di Giovanni and Ephraim were able to successfully suggest that the speedometer may have been uncalibrated. As a result, our client's ticket was revoked. We were able to eliminate the consequences of both the ticket itself and the impact of a second time traffic offense. In addition, our client's insurance rates remained unaffected.
Traffic Lawyer from
Di Giovanni and Ephraim

Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you find yourself in debt, our bankruptcy lawyers will work to eliminate your burden, as well as any threats or harassment you may receive as a result. Filing for bankruptcy can be both complicated and daunting task. As your bankruptcy attorney, we will use our knowledge and expertise to break down your options and help you make the right financial decisions for your family and future. We have previously helped numerous clients file Chapter 7 for liquidation under bankruptcy law.

Real Estate Lawyer

Real Estate law is comprised of everything from the purchase and sale of property to the mediation of disputes regarding zoning and boundaries. As real estate lawyers, we are also well versed in law pertaining to entitlements and foreclosures. We'll evaluate your individual history, guiding you through the paperwork to the negotiations. As your real estate attorney, we understand the level of investment associated with properties and want to help you secure and maintain your assets. We have completed hundreds of closings on both the buyer's and seller's side. In addition, we have argued multiple cases against illegal lockouts, illegal tenants, obtaining compensation for clients in all situations.

Family Lawyer

Family law pertains to disputes involving divorce, child custody, paternity, spousal support, and property division. It also extends to cases involving domestic violence. We know how much family cases can affect all aspects of your life. As your family lawyer, we will use our resources to handle paperwork, facilitate court negotiations, and draft agreements to help you resolve these disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition, we have extensive experience in preparing wills for clients, including pre and post nuptial agreements.

Traffic Lawyer

By paying a traffic violation fine, you are accepting a conviction. Traffic convictions, ranging from ignoring signs and tailgating to speeding and careless driving, lead to significant increases in car insurance rates and may even result in a driver's license suspension. As your traffic lawyer, we work to diminish any charges and fines while eliminating the debilitating points on your license. In the past, we have successfully dismissed speeding tickets, driving without license tickets, and driving while suspended tickets, among a wide range of offenses.

DUI Offense

Charge Overturned

An Elizabeth resident was pulled over late one night and charged with both reckless driving and DUI. This single mother of 2, received a daunting 7 month - 1 year prison sentence. When she came to Di Giovanni and Ephraim, we scrupulously examined all of the evidence surrounding the circumstances of her arrest. We were able to get the breathalyzer thrown out due to a faulty procedure. As a result, ALL of her DWI charges were dropped and her reckless driving charges were discredited. In overturning the charges, we not only saved her money, but precious time with her children as well.
DUI Lawyer from
Di Giovanni and Ephraim

Elizabeth DWI/DUI Lawyer

In New Jersey, a DWI (driving while intoxicated) and DUI (driving under the influence) offenses encompasses driving under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, hallucinogenics, or habit producing drugs. Penalties for such an offense include fines, imprisonment, mandatory attendance in resource centers, and driver's license suspension. As your DWI lawyer, we'll evaluate your individual case to help you determine whether or not you should choose to plead guilty. Moving forward, we'll employ our knowledge in both law and court procedure to plea bargain most effectively. Hiring a DWI attorney is especially crucial for second time offenders facing more serious legal consequences.

Municipal Court Work (including traffic, small criminal)

Municipal law varies between each city and county and pertains to its individual establishment of policy and ordinances. It includes laws regarding police, education, taxes, land use, and zoning. As a municipal lawyer, we draft, review and adjudicate contracts and resolutions. We also deal with the regulations and procedures of local governments.

Experience Counts

At Di Giovanni and Ephraim, we go above and beyond in working your case to clear your charges. Being certified in the same psychological training exam officers take to detect intoxicated drivers, Ephraim has exceptional insight into the process itself. As a testament, we were able to get our first case following the certification dismissed, finding no substantial proof of intoxication.

The Elizabeth Law Professionals Understand

We thoroughly understand the financial and emotional toll legal disputes have on you and your family. At Di Giovanni and Ephraim, we use all of our knowledge and available resources to help you settle legal disputes of all kinds so that you can move forward with your life.

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