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If you've been injured in a car accident; we will help you move forward.
History of Proven Results.
If you've been injured in a fall; we will help you move forward.
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We Listen. We Can Help.

At Di Giovanni and Ephraim, we have devoted our careers as personal injury attorneys to taking on all types of legal cases. With a genuine concern for our clients, vast knowledge of policy and law, and extensive experience in successful settlements, we are loyal and committed to all of our cases. At our Elizabeth law offices, no case is too big or too small. Unlike other law offices, we even take on smaller cases, or verbal threshold claims. We have secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation for clients throughout the Elizabeth area, and we can help you.

Below are just several of the areas we specialize in from personal injury law to workers compensation to immigration.

Car Injury Lawyer

An automotive accident can happen in a split second, leaving you with vehicular damage, medical bills, lost/time wages, and emotional damage. Our accident attorneys handle personal injury claims involving head on and rear-end collisions, rollovers, side impact collisions, and pedestrian collisions involving cars, trucks and motorcycles. We'll help you reach a settlement to cover all costs and implications that ensued no matter the degree of damage.

Slip and Fall Lawyer

From spilled products and faulty steps to poor lighting and mismarked signs, individuals are injured due to the negligence of others every day. As your slip and fall attorney, we will help you hold these culprits liable. We'll help you secure the compensation you deserve for all medical bills, permanent damage, lost time and wages, lifestyle alterations, and mental anguish you endured.

Immigration Lawyer

With one of the highest immigration growth rates in the country, New Jersey primarily receives immigration cases from individuals in the Philippines, India, South America, and Mexico. At Di Giovanni and Ephraim, we are well versed in immigration reform and highly experienced in US immigration cases regarding deportation defense, citizenship, and the acquisition of green cards and student visas. As immigration lawyers, we understand the uniqueness of each person's situation and want to help you through the process of building a future in the United States.

Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Workplace injuries can occur in any environment, under any circumstances. Incidents eligible for workers comp can vary in gravity, including one-time accidents, long-term injuries, illnesses/diseases brought on by harmful exposures, and stress-induced illnesses. We'll evaluate your individual case so that you receive the compensation you deserve to move forward with your life.

Additional Legal Services

In addition to personal injury law, the lawyers at Di Giovanni and Ephraim have years of experience and expertise with traffic law, DWI law, real estate law, bankruptcy law, family law, and municipal law.

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With an immense scope of specialization and experience, our firm accommodates an extensive range of cases. We are committed to achieving settlements regardless of their degree. We understand that legal issues affect both your financial and emotional state. Give us a call today, and we will begin the process of securing the settlement you deserve. Don't wait another moment to move on with your life.

Give us a call today at 908-289-5111 or email and find out how Di Giovanni And Ephraim, the personal injury lawyers are committed to helping. Our law offices are located in Elizabeth and Paterson.